Scholars Ent.


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MAINTENANCE is the debut album by Canadian music company Scholars Ent.

Executive produced by Scott Brownhill, the album features over 30 collaborators, more than half Canadian, on 8 original tracks. The songs were released individually and independently over the course of nearly 8 years, with the album officially releasing in full via digital streaming platforms January, 2020.

Now, you can listen to MAINTENANCE the way it was meant to be heard. These limited edition 12" vinyl pressings come in full color jackets & labels, wrapped in protective sleeves.

Original album artwork by Matt Andrews (@work_the_angle). Additional product design & photography by Cameron Stewart (@cameronstewart.design).


1. Never Learn (feat. Percee P, Thrust, JD Era & Billy Danze) [prod. by The LJ] 03:11
2. 2 ¢ents (feat. Moka Only, NamedTobias. & Blueprint) [prod. by Moka Only] 03:24
3. '98 (feat. Casino Costa, L*Roneous & Pace Won) [prod. by royceBIRTH] 03:27
4. Big Game (feat. NIKO IS, Rello & 4th Pyramid) [prod. by driffy swindle] 03:56
5. When it was Real (feat. Tona, C-Rayz Walz, AG da Coroner & Show Stephens) [prod. by Lone Monk] 04:32
6. These Cigarettes (feat. Nickelus F, KAi Sky Walker & Craig G) [prod. by L'Orange] 03:00
7. Checkmate (Makin' Moves) (feat. Big Sant, JR & Tree) [prod. by The LJ] 05:01
8. H.E.R. (feat. The Other Guys, Taurean MC, D-Sisive & Sadat X) [prod. by The Other Guys] 04:57

All songs mixed & mastered by The LJ and executive produced by Scott Brownhill.